28. July 2015

Brand Basics for Start-ups – 2 basic steps to grow a meaningful brand

In my first article on brand management basics, I was talking about the importance of brand building right at the start of your venture. Not only […]
23. July 2015

Brand Basics for Start-ups – Why brand management?

The upcoming two blog-entries will focus on brand strategy basics which start-ups should consider. However, I won’t deal with the visual aspects of branding. So, if you’re looking […]
17. March 2015

The 10.000$ Apple watch | Worst practice for pricing consistency

You might wonder how the Apple Watch case relates to other topics of this blog. Taking into account that Apple is one of the most valuable brands on this […]
17. February 2015

StoryHome III: Choosing your price model

Why the price model is driving your business Taking a close look at articles around pricing models for startups, most authors are mixing up approaches for pricing (e.g. cost-plus pricing), business models (e.g. freemium) and […]
28. January 2015

P4S review | Simon-Kucher Top 7 pricing topics in 2015

In the first few weeks of each year so-called experts are listing top trends for their respective industry. In most cases this is misused as a […]